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    Our Brands

    Our Brands

    Contact to Us

    Address: Zhongsheng Guangwang Building,275 Wulianwang Street, Binjiang District,Hangzhoul,China
    Postcode: 310051
    Tel: +86-571-87828993
    Fax: +86-571-87828901
    E-mail: info@zmec.com


    First of all, please allow me, on the behalf of ZMEC Group and its member companies to extend our sincere thanks and best regards to all new and old customers and friends from all walks of life for their long-term support and solicitudes to our Group.

    Great achievements have been returned by painstaking effort of numerous people that was accomplished through hard work and down-to-earth efforts. Today, while looking back and focusing upon current situation, we would like to make strong commitments to all of you and us, that the bright future can be ushered in by paying respect to the history and cherishing today.

                         We have marched into the new century. Our top task is to create a freshly new image of ZMEC and to realize ZMEC's second economic takeoff under such new favorable economic environment. The developing business will lead us to the summit where the enterprise's spirit of being practical, being competitive, being exploitative and being creative is sparkling for ever!

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