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    Our Brands

    Our Brands

    Contact to Us

    Address: Zhongsheng Guangwang Building,275 Wulianwang Street, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China
    Postcode: 310051
    Tel: +86-571-87828993
    Fax: +86-571-87828901
    E-mail: info@zmec.com

    Zhejiang Red-Flag Machinery Factory

    Zhejiang Red-Flag Machinery Factory(State 941 Factory) is a medium-sized enterprise. It's situated in Muo Gan Mcnormic Development Area, with picturesque scenery and convenient communications, It's away from Hangzhou 40 Kilometres,and occupies 120,000square metres, Now it has 1000 staff and workers .the factory posess ¢ó State degree and AA credit, It has comprehensive 
    ability of productive development, technologica; design, machining, pattern and tool making, mental cold working, quality guarantee and sale service.55 Main 

         Products of the factory:
    -Articles for army:7.62mm?¢0.32 kinds of cartridges or spares;55
    -Series rounds used by police, among more than 10 kinds of 38mm products have gained "Science And Technology Achievement Cretificate Of The State".The comprehensive productive adility is 1,000,000 per year.
    -More than 20 kinds of writing pieces. The comprehensive productive ability is 30,000,000 per year .The metal oil-tube of Parker have occupied half of the domestic market. The ink metal copper-tube of type 908, cleaned metal oil-tube is initiated in the home ,and product only here.
    -More than 30 kinds of patterns for medicine. The products have gained "Excellence Award of Zhe Jiang Province". The factory is also among the first group medicine machinery desingated enterprises, and has been the member of Long Li Traditional Chines Medicine Group.
    -More than 10 kinds of new-type locks for guarding against theft.The products is up to the standard of the Ministry of Public Security, and have gained the licence of production.
    The factory takes various action to develop the third-industry, it has also set up the Red-Flag hotel and the Jin Long supermarket.
        "Quality is first ,and consumers are supreme."This is the persisent purpose of our factory, and welcome personalities of various circles come to hold trade talks, make invstment and coopeeatewith each other .

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